Department Life News

  • Jul 18
    2019 Graduate Student Ice Cream Social                       
  • Apr 21
    While Materials graduate students patiently waited in the shade on Friday, April 21, Materials professors eagerly scooped ice cream for them in honor of the Department’s 2017 Graduate Student Appreciation Ice Cream Social.  Along with Materials Department Chair Prof. Tresa Pollock and veteran scoopers Profs. Dan Gianola, Frank Zok, and Chris Van de Walle, Prof. Kunal... read more »
  • Oct 1
    This year, the Materials Department held the 5th Annual Tony Evans 5K Memorial Run. With over 200 participants, this year’s run was the biggest one yet. As graduate students, faculty, staff, and their families lined up outside of Engineering II, Tony’s impact on the Department was remembered and  his daily runs around the lagoon were honored for the fifth time.  The... read more »
  • May 16
    On Friday, May 13, the Materials Department showed its appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and endless hours the graduate students give during the year by holding the annual Ice Cream Social.  Materials Department Chair Prof. Tresa Pollock, along with Prof. Dan Gianola and Prof. Galen Stucky scooped ice cream for over an hour to the ravenous students who happily... read more »
  • Oct 22
    On a Saturday morning in early October, the Materials family came together to celebrate the life of Tony Evans in the 4th Annual Tony Evans 5K Memorial Run. Congregating just steps away from the office Tony once occupied, over 100 people prepared to honor his memory and daily practice of running around the lagoon and back through campus. While not everyone present had met... read more »