Department Life

More than just an Academic Department    


In the Materials Department at UCSB, the faculty, students, postdocs, and staff work very hard to create an academic environment that helps to set the standard of graduate education and scientific research. We work hard, and we work together as a close-knit team. We also take time to enjoy one another outside of the classrooms, laboratories, and offices in which we are so often found. The time we spend together as a Department provides balance to our well-known rigorous research programs. Whether running around the lagoon, celebrating our year-long achievements, or preparing to welcome others to the Materials family, we value the time together to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. 

Materials Student Association

The Materials Student Association (MSA) is an organization for UCSB Materials students. MSA is focused on promoting social cohesion within the department, providing professional development opportunities for students, and working to advocate on behalf of all students within the Materials department at UCSB. In addition, the MSA aims to foster a welcoming, healthy, and diverse community at all levels within the department..

Materials Student BBQ & Tony Evans 5K

Once a year, the Materials family, built largely upon the vision of Prof. Tony Evans, remembers the man who shaped the Materials Department and touched so many lives personally and professionally.  

Materials Retreat

Every December, the students, faculty, and staff unite to revel in the accomplishments made over the past year. Papers published, conferences attended, miles traveled – there is no end to what may be construed as a bragging right. Fun is had, merriment is made, and plans for the coming year are hatched.

Ice Cream Social

The tables are turned every spring as the Materials professors demonstrate their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the graduate students by serving them ice cream and enjoying their company on a sunny afternoon.