2015 Tony Evans 4th Annual 5K Memorial Run

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Winners of the run crossing the finish line.On a Saturday morning in early October, the Materials family came together to celebrate the life of Tony Evans in the 4th Annual Tony Evans 5K Memorial Run. Congregating just steps away from the office Tony once occupied, over 100 people prepared to honor his memory and daily practice of running around the lagoon and back through campus. While not everyone present had met Tony, his indelible presence - his strong Welsh pride, insurmountable intelligence, and congenial demeanor - was and continues to be felt by all.

Four graduate students standing with banner of Tony Evans.Just as Tony was first in his field, one runner must finish first. The winners of the run were graduate students David Jorgensen and Leah Kuritzky. The glory of being the first runner to cross the finish line in the Tony Evans Memorial 5k Run is not a gilded trophy, but rather an iconic pink shirt, the hue of which Tony proudly wore on many occasions.

After the run concluded, and the prizes awarded, the group moved from the peace and respite of the lagoon to Goleta Beach, for food, more socializing, and a few games of beach volleyball. 

Tony and his legacy are unique. Our annual tradition of remembering this great man with a run around the lagoon as a Materials family is our unique way of saying, Here’s to you, Tony. Cheers!

To read more about Tony Evans and his imprint on Materials, please click here




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