Materials Retreat

A Celebration of the Materials Family

To fully prepare for the future, one must examine the past - the failures that led to successes, the successes that led to recognition, the recognition that led to honors and awards. During our annual Winter Retreat, the constituents of the Materials Department coelesce into one family to reminisce upon the past year, revel in the scientific advancements made, and prepare to greet the next year with renewed energy and excitement. 

During the course of the evening, students, professors, staff, and their families seize the opportunity to enjoy one another's company, accept challenges issued by the student hosts, and bask in the warmth of a group of colleagues that are much more than just an academic department. The Winter Retreat is an annual tradition that is greeted with anticipation every year - and which sets the tone of togetherness, a state from which the greatest successes continue to manifest. 


2016 Materials Retreat
2015 Materials Retreat