2016 Tony Evans 5th Annual 5K Memorial Run

Saturday, October 1, 2016

This year, the Materials Department held the 5th Annual Tony Evans 5K Memorial Run. With over 200 participants, this year’s run was the biggest one yet. As graduate students, faculty, staff, and their families lined up outside of Engineering II, Tony’s impact on the Department was remembered and  his daily runs around the lagoon were honored for the fifth time. 

The winners of the 2016 Tony Evans 5K Memorial Run were Ian Morgan (16:19) and Rebecca Dally (21:05). They were each awarded a pink shirt for their first place finishes, a homage to Tony’s shirt color of choice. Other top finishers for the men were Ben Callaway (17:33), Clayton Cozzan (18:19), Zhe Chen (19:07), and, fittingly, Tony’s oldest grandson (20:43). After Rebecca, the top finishers for the women were Sarah Innes-Gold (22:48), Cheyenne Lynsky (23:59), Jocelyn Guzman (25:01), and Connie Dong (25:13). Congratulations to everyone who participated! 

After running around the lagoon with friends and family, the group headed towards Goleta Beach. Between splashing in the waves on the beach, forming teams for impromptu games of volleyball, and displaying a wide array of hula-hooping skills, everyone enjoyed their time together.  Throw in a world-class barbeque and the entire day, in memory of Tony, was one for the record books. 

Please read more about Tony Evans and his imprint on Materials. 


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