Health & Safety

Mission Statement

The UCSB Materials Department is committed to provide guidelines and information to maintain safe and healthy daily operations at UCSB. In compliance with this commitment, it is the Department's objective to inform faculty, staff, and students of potential workplace and environmental hazards and of their responsibility in preventing and minimizing such hazards. Moreover, the Materials Department reaffirms its role in the development and dissemination of emergency operation procedures.

In conclusion, as a Department, we believe that safety awareness and cautious habits will safeguard a healthy, and improved work environment, and that the distribution and adherence of health and safety information is the first step towards this goal.

Health & Safety Resources

Campus Emergency Information

  • UCSB Information Hotline: (805) 893-8000
  • Environmental Health & Safety 24-hour Hotline: (805) 893-3194
  • Materials Department Front Desk: (805) 893-4362
  • Facilities Management: (805) 893-2661, after hours: x3446
  • CSO Escort Service: (805) 893-2000
  • Police, Non-emergency: (805) 893-3446
  • Police, Emergency: 911 or on-campus, dial 9 then 911
  • Radio: KCSB FM 91.9
  • Television: KEYT Channel 3