Craig Hawker

Alan & Ruth Heeger Chair in Interdisciplinary Science, Chemistry
Distinguished Professor, Materials

Clarke Professor, CNSI


(805) 893-7161
3005 Materials Research Lab
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5070


Materials Research Areas: 


Elected American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Charles G. Overberger International Prize for Excellence in Polymer Research
Elected Member of the National Academy of Inventors 
ACS Award in Polymer Chemistry, American Chemical Society
Centenary Prize, Royal Society of Chemistry

Research Description: 

Current interests include design and synthesis of nanoscopically defined materials for applications ranging from next-generation microelectronic devices to polymer-based therapeutics. Major emphasis is on development of methods for facile synthesis of functionalized macromolecules with well-controlled architectures. This combination of fundamental advances in polymer synthesis with detailed understanding of physical properties have led to commercial success in the personal care, pharmaceutical and advanced material arenas.


Ph.D., University of Cambridge
B.Sc., University of Queensland