J.C. Stinville and M.P. Echlin receive the 2018 Hetényi Award from the Society for Experimental Mechanics

Friday, June 8, 2018

 Drs. Jean Charles Stinville and  McLean P. Echlin of the Materials Department received the 2018 Hetényi Award from the Society for Experimental Mechanics during the annual meeting of the society in June of 2018.  The Hetényi Award is given annually for the Best Research Paper published annually in the journal Experimental Mechanics.  The paper was entitled “Sub-Grain Scale Digital Image Correlation by Electron Microscopy for Polycrystalline Materials during Elastic and Plastic Deformation”.  Dr. Stinville’s research, within the research group of Professor Tresa Pollock, focuses on fundamental mechanisms of deformation during monotonic and cyclic loading of advanced high temperature materials. Dr. Echlin's research interests include ultrashort pulse laser-materials interactions, multimodal 3-D datasets measurements for understanding failure mechanisms in structural materials and merging of data modalities including the measurement of strain and microstructure for structure-property relations. In addition to Stinville and Echlin, the co-authors of the paper include T.M. Pollock of the Materials Department and three co-authors from Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, Drs. Damien Texier, Florent Bridier and Phillipe Bocher.

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