A graduate student perspective on surviving in the Covid-19 virtual world

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Victoria Christensen shares her experiences and suggestions on how to make the most of life under the work-at-home conditions generated by the Covid-19 pandemic in a recent piece written for the Ceramics Bulletin. She addresses not only handling coursework and research for an experimentalist with no access to labs, but also taking advantage of the opportunities to enrich your learning experience. Victoria is a second-year graduate student in Prof. Zok’s research group at UCSB, an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Chair of the Council of Student Advisors to the President of the American Ceramic Society. Her research deals with environmental effects on the mechanical properties of high temperature ceramic matrix composites. read more

More info: https://ceramics.org/wp-content/bulletin/2020/JuneJuly2020/JuneJuly2020.html#p=32

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