Employment Paperwork


Demographic data transmittal

  • Indicate ethnicity & race in Sections 1A & 1B.  
  • If applicable, check the disability status box, and/or any boxes referring to veteran status on the second page.

Note: This data is for statistical purposes only.  The form will be destroyed and will not be part of your personnel file.

State oath of allegiance, patent policy, and patent acknowledgment 

  • Print ONLY your name at the top (“Employee's Name”) and at the bottom (“Employee/Guest Name”).  
  • Read, but DO NOT SIGN OR DATE, the form.  An Administrative Office employee must witness your signature.

Note: If you are not a US citizen or Permanent Resident, you do not have to sign the Oath of Allegiance (top section). Simply draw a line across the signature area and write “Citizen of ____________“ (name of your country) in this area.

Employment eligibility verification (I-9 form)
Note: It is only necessary to print out page 1.

  • Complete Section 1 (Employee Information & Attestation) of the form.  Be sure to sign and date it.
  • Be prepared to provide the proper original identifying documents.  See the list of acceptable documents on page 3.
    Note: You must have one item from List A – OR - one item from List B AND one item from List C.


UC W-4 Form (Withholding Allowance Certificate) 
Note: It is only necessary to print out the first page of this form.  The remaining worksheets are for your reference, and are not to be submitted with the packet of forms.  Please only print them if you need them for your records.

  • Complete all personal information.  Use your permanent address, as this is where your W-2 form will be mailed.
  • Complete Section I (Federal) & Section II (State) – OR – Section III (Exempt), but NOT BOTH.
  • If you wish to have additional taxes withheld, complete Section IV.
  • If you have questions, you will need to seek assistance on your own.  We are not authorized to instruct employees on the completion of this form.  Be sure to have it completed, signed and dated before returning.

Payroll & non-payroll deposit authorization form
This is to have your paycheck directly deposited into a checking or savings account. Be sure to attach a voided check or other print out from your bank in the designated area.