Courses Taught at UCSB Next offered
Matrl 100C Fundamentals of Structural Evolution Spring 2019
Matrl/ME185 Materials in Engineering
Matrl/ME186 Manufacturing and Materials Winter 2019
Matrl 251 Processing of Inorganic Materials TBD
Matrl 289B Introduction to Structure and Phase Stability Fall 2018
Matrl 289G Phase Selection and Microstructure Evolution TBD

Instructional Enhancement

Summer School on Advanced Thermostructural Materials, held under the auspices of the NSF-sponsored International Centre for Materials Research at UCSB, August 6-19, 2006. (Co-organizer with A.G. Evans and T.D. Bennett.)

Initiative to establish a 5 year BS Engineering/MS Materials program and develop a coordinated curriculum between Materials and the Departments of Chemical, Electrical and Computer, and Mechanical Engineering. The program has recently been extended to include BS Chemistry/MS Materials, jointly with the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at UCSB.

"Concepts in Materials," a package of instructional modules to supplement undergraduate teaching of Materials Science and Engineering, developed with G.E. Lucas and D.S. Miller.

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