Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title Location
10/03/2014 @ 4pm Rachel Segalman TBD ESB 1001
10/10/2014 @ 4pm Brent Fultz TBD EII 1519
10/17/2014 @ 4pm Bruce Dunn TBD ESB 1001
10/24/2014 @ 4pm Douglas Scalapino TBD EII 1519
10/31/2014 @ 4pm Subhash Mahajan TBD ESB 1001
11/07/2014 @ 4pm Robert Haddon TBD Elings 1605
11/14/2014 @ 4pm Ben Mazin TBD ESB 1001
11/21/2014 @ 4pm Amanda Petford-Long TBD ESB 1001
12/05/2014 @ 4pm Alec Albert Talin TBD ESB 1001

If you need this information in an alternative format or you have special needs because of a disability, call the Materials Department at 893-8209. Seminars are wheelchair accessible.

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